Optimal Building is working with partners and industry with refining the "Virtual Audit" process with scaling energy assessments within the built environment.

The Virtual Audit or (vAudit 1.0) service offering provides a remote, quick, cost effective method of having an Energy Efficiency Expert perform an energy assessment within buildings. The method and procedure in which this service opportunity is being provided can work for those customers looking for those initial energy savings quickly in a cost effective approach. There are requirements for this service opportunity with the vAudits 1.0 that include having an on-site technician along with some other basic building conditions.  

For those buildings where access is an issue and or where service or management companies want to limit outside contractors from entering the work space of their tenants, this assessment option may be right for your building. Ask about this service offering if it's right for your operation.

still have questions?
Still have questions?