Optimal Building has over 25 years of experience working with building technicians and operators to transform inefficient operations into high performance buildings. Our methodology of building audit not only allows for much quicker delivery of reports after an audit, but draws on over 2 decades of industry experience providing low-to-no cost energy saving measures that can save thousands in operating costs per year without any additional capital investment.

What is ASHRAE?

The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) set the standard for high performance buildings globally, with over 100 years of knowledge behind their standards. ASHRAE's audit levels set the bar for ESG and energy efficiency.

Why are energy assessments important?

As people and governments begin to truly understand the value of efficiency in buildings, energy assessments have become a key step for identifying ways in which operators can make small shifts to create huge impact, not only on their building, but in the greater world.

Who benefits?

Everyone. Building owners who routinely evaluate their buildings for points of improvement can save tens (or hundreds) of thousands in operating costs per year, creating a better environment and experience for their tenants and guests. Their direct communities benefit from reducing energy waste.

ASHRAE Level 1 - Walk-through Analysis

An ASHRAE L1 Audit, also referred to as a "Walkthrough Analysis" is the first step along a building's ASHRAE journey. An auditor, or building operator guided by an auditor, will perform an on-site evaluation of key points of the building, and the most-common areas with potential for improvement. The auditor may interview key personnel, review energy bills for usage, and review BAS settings. A report will follow detailing the auditors findings, as well as potential areas for improvement.

Why should you get one done?

A Level 1 Audit is a simple way to identify low to no-cost improvements, satisfy ESG requirements, and potentially save thousands of dollars in building operating costs per year.

Who should have an L1 performed?

Any Commercial, Industrial, Retail, Mixed use or Residential complex or property that has not had a walkthrough analysis done in the past 5 years should be evaluated by a energy assessment professional. Any building over 20,000 square feet that has not been audited in the past 2 years should also be audited.

ASHRAE Level 1.5 - Customized Survey

Level 1.5 Energy Assessments & Audits are a mix of both Level I Audits & Level 2 Audits where clients want a more detailed report than a Level I but a more cost effective assessment than a Level 2.

ASHRAE Level 2 - Energy Survey & Analysis

Level 2 Audits, Energy Survey & Analysis take Level 1 Audits a step further, breaking down energy usage and potential improvements in much greater detail, focusing on the areas for the greatest improvement.

A Level 2 audit provides all data necessary to justify improvements requiring larger capital investments, as well as the projected ROI and annual savings projections.

Who should have a Level 2 audit performed?

Building owners who desire a more detailed energy assessment to identify operational inefficiencies, equipment useful life and capital measures that improve the energy efficiency and health and wellfare of the building towards increasing workers productivity within the building.

still have questions?
Still have questions?