Industry Transformation

Optimal Building is changing the built environment, one building at a time.


Preparing the next generation of building engineers for the future

A Different Approach to Energy Efficiency

Helping commercial spaces rethink energy efficiency

With over 25 years of energy efficiency and building operations experience, Optimal Building is taking a different approach to energy efficiency, the audit process, and ESG (Environmental, Social Governance) compliance. We look at a building as an owner and investor would  - going deeper into the day-to-day operations, interviewing key stakeholders, and evaluating a property with the distinct knowledge of the unique challenges that come with operating both small & large Commercial, Industrial, Warehouse, Mixed Use, Retail & Residential properties.

We look for both low-no cost and capital intensive upgrades and measures that translate into significant benefits for both the occupants and owner.  With an eye for finding hidden saving opportunities, Optimal Building can create a vision and plan for transforming your existing, inefficient building into a High Performance Building Operation.

We are here to help you achieve in short time your financial goals.

We are here to help you achieve in short time your financial goals.

We are here to help you achieve in short time your financial goals.

Education & Workforce Development

Preparing the future workers of our industry for sustainable careers

At Optimal Building, we believe that our industry has a responsibility to invest in building our workforce pipeline, and promoting the career pathways in our industry that offer good wages and lifetime employment for all. One of our focuses is bringing these career opportunities to K-12 students, incumbent workers, displaced workers, and disadvantaged youth, among other groups.

By working with the California Community Colleges, among other educational organizations, Optimal Building is establishing forward-thinking workforce education to meet the emerging demands of building technology improvements.

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Establishing forward-thinking workforce education to meet the emerging demands of building technology improvements.
Case Studies
801 K Street
Sacramento, CA
700 6th Street
Washington, DC
100 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA

Thought Leadership

Helping shape our industry

Many believe that being a Thought Leader comes easy or by default,  or many think that it is a sought after activity.   Regardless, a Thought Leader recognizes their role in making a difference in the area of their expertise and industry and wants to make a difference. They want to pass along much needed knowledge and lessons learned so that other can benefit from their years of learning.  For myself, I want to take the wealth of knowledge and building experiences I've acquired with sharing them with the next generation of technicians, building operations as well as energy efficiency practitioners.  The objective is to Transform the built-environment by getting individuals and workers exposed to a life long career pathway so that they too can contribute in making buildings more efficient and productive for workers.

In my on-going quest in transforming the industry that is near and dear to me and one that I've spent over 30-years working in, my goal is and continues to be towards educating industry and decision makers with cutting-edge process improvements and tools that make our building environments more safe and healthly to work in as well as productive and high performing.

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Upcoming Events

BEST Center Annual Institute 2022

January 5, 2022

BEST Center's 2022 Annual Institute (Jan. 5-7)

Please register and join in on this great topic and panel discussion with three national industry leaders on:

“Why Real Estate Companies Voluntarily Makes Energy Efficiency & Sustainability a Core Part of their Business Strategy”

This three-day event will focus on the sustainability challenges we all face and the innovative solutions that are being pursued. The conference will highlight legislative and international efforts, innovations in the field of energy efficiency and Building Automation Systems, and strategies and opportunities for educators & industry.

Industry Partners

Process Advancements

Scaling Energy Efficiency for Building Owners

We are constantly pushing the limit on how we can more efficiently work with building owners and operators to preempt operational creep, maintain compliance and assist in governance for large property owners. Whether we're looking at a large portfolio of properties for you, or preparing for impending local regulations and meeting impending requirements, we put scalable and repeatable processes at the forefront of how we work together.

Optimal Building's proprietary assessment process enables us to perform more assessments with a faster reporting time than traditional industry players.

We are pioneering assessment vehicles to push the standard of the building operations efficiency into the future.

Ready to level up your energy efficiency and ESG strategy?