Beijing, China-2
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Jiaming Center

After more than 8 months of hard work, the management team of Jiaming Center was audited by BOMA international experts on October 28th and 29th, 2013. In view of the significance of this audit of Jiaming Center, BOMA China invited two senior and well respected real estate professionals from the U.S. and Canada - Joe Markling, immediate past chairman of BOMA International, and Wendy Cardell, a past chair of BOMA Canada. It’s worth mentioning that the ASHRAE Level II Assessment Report for Jiaming Center was prepared by Mr. Carlos Santamaria, an American energy management expert. Over the course of his career, Carlos has established Energy Star energy management plans for 65 office buildings in America, with an average score of 85 points, all of which were among the top 15% of office buildings in the area of energy efficiency.

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Jiaming Center
Beijing, China-2
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